WORST BASES IN CLASH! – Clash of Clans – Bronze League 3 Star Trolling!

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  1. i atak 10 worst bases

  2. did he do 1 mill special he said he'd do like 3…

  3. haha

  4. CQOTD: Do you think there should be more legendaries in Clash Royale?

  5. CQOTD: would you rather have Clash of Clans not exist or Clash Royale not exist?

  6. Didn't Rooster Teeth do the Tide Pod Challenge?

  7. ur a show off

  8. CQOTD: This is about clash royale but did you that supercell might have copied smashy road with common epic rares and legendarys?

  9. CQOTD: do you think it would be cool to add the dragon to clash Royal and arena 9 if would want to go there you would need 4000 cups

  10. CQ

  11. I attacked a war base that was very rushed town hall 10 it had level 1 defense buildings and no walls at all

  12. are you gonna do a 1,000,000 million sub special? #CQOTD

  13. I attacked one like this a couple months ago, I almost lost too not paying attention to their CC troops??

  14. CQOTD: If coc gets boring will you play boom beach or stay true to coc and keep playing

  15. why you let your clan open I want to join

  16. You misspelled best

  17. CQOTD: Is the loot better in bronze or at least decent to farm in?? Im thinking of dropping to bronze so please, let me know ASAP!!

  18. I've seen the.

  19. CQOTD: do you think supercell made epics more powerful to get more money from super magical chests

  20. honesty one of the reasons coc is better than clash royale is that when u drop trophies in coc your still matched up against players of your level, for the most part. in royale you can be level 9 and can be matched against level 3. which is unfair. ok I'm done

  21. Wite idk if you know this, but you are in a clash royale ad..

  22. "3 words"
    1. Holy
    2. Shit
    3. ?
    Im going to tie my shoe hold this L

  23. CQOTD: mystlc my man what do you personaly think about clash royale and if supercell ask you what do you think they should add to the game what would you say

  24. tobu colors!

  25. white answer my question…,……………….

    why u close ur clan(clash of clan )
    …open ur clan i will join ur clan…….. th 11

  26. CQOTD: Do you think there should be a Haste Spell in Clash Royale? (For Lava Hounds and Balloons)

  27. Why do u say over 900 thousand loot when the loot bonus is 1k

  28. CQOTD: When will you do your next clan war vid? CQOTD: What does HWD stand for

  29. Haha lol can you do a live stream with Molt_Youtube

  30. Can u Please let me join M7 please I am th7 And my name is CJ

  31. CQOTD:What would you do if clash of clans or clash royale didn't exist? Love you

  32. CQOTD: Do you think the grand worden is more like the wizard,healer,witch or all

  33. Its my birthday guys please come play with me in my game.


  35. #CQOTD – When's your graduation vlog coming out?

  36. #CQOTD do you think if a troop still has full health at the end of a raid you should be able to either keep that troop or get the elixar refunded for that troop?

  37. Nice vid good job ??????

  38. why do you put all of your stuff on the out side of your bace

  39. 7:12 did he say "B*tches"

  40. CQOTD do you think that they should add the skeleton army to Clash Royale by the way I'm a big fan