Worst Clash of Clans Fail EVER. (feat. Chief Pat)

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  1. Could someone buy me gems please name is Coryyyy with 4 y’s

  2. Well thanks for the warning for now on I’m using lightning spells

  3. Guys pls get me gems it isn’t working fr me so my name is (Ani) pls guys
    anyone pls help

  4. oh no suck

  5. At least the karma balanced out with that townhall victory!

  6. ??????????????FAILED

  7. Out*

  8. haha golems too powerful

  9. That golem Destroyed those witches and skels


  11. Cheif pat joined my clan took troops and then left. Dude not cool

  12. Lolololololololo

  13. Darude – Sandstorm

  14. You pushed your luck Chief pat.

  15. Wow…that’s a nice raid lol

  16. I just whant to say wow

  17. Lol

  18. Hey chief whats ur clan name

  19. hahahaahaha worst fail ever

  20. Heheheheheheheheh . What thw fuck

  21. Oh no thats bad :(

  22. Wow! Remember your Best Raid Ever? that was caused by the golem’s explosion

  23. Pat why do you tubers not let me in there clans just because I’m lvl 54