1. I'm 50/50 on this one, could be fantastic, or game breaking. What do you think?

  2. Definitely the worst update ever!

  3. They making it too easy

  4. I very much dislike this update, I'll probably stop playing because it's extremely easy to 3 star now. It encourages spamming and engineering.

  5. This is great for me, I farm and push I never war:)))))((

  6. Best update ever .

  7. Well they nerfed infernos x bows and hero's and eliminated infernos effects

  8. Bad inferno update

  9. Update friggn sucks

  10. I can three star a th10 with queen walk and mass hogs

  11. If they're going to if they're going to take away the healing Factor negate effect then they need to increase the damage that they produce on to the target from say 35 to 60 to compensate for the lack of the healing negate effect either way this updates completely garbage

  12. I'm gonna use laloonion to overkill th10s

  13. the only update i disagree with is the inferno not blocking any heal anymore. that just make inferno loses it's specialty and lethality on defense. plus it makes all previous upgrade on freeze pretty much wasted.

  14. sc knows it can throw updates like this out, because at the end of the day, the harcore community will complain, bitch, whine, and moan, and keep on playing as much as before. if one is still playing this game, either as organic or near organic, you're not stopping now, or ever probably.

  15. in short defenses are useless.

  16. Yeah its gonna kill all the defences. Most horrible changes for all the master base designers. Well love them or not, I always love their designs, and tried to learn from them.

  17. Meh… even as a casual player, it's fun that defenses have different behaviors… They could have made attacks easier but keep the identity of the inferno. This is going to be wierd

  18. I think infarno healing prevent will come in next update

  19. Best for noobs. Worst for skill players.

  20. I am grinding my freeze from 1-5 now im at 4 now freeze is useless?

  21. Casual players will love it. War players will need to swallow hard and be patient while we see if balancing comes in a month or two. I think this will slow the engineering

  22. Then we doesn't need to push.. We just drop trophy to use giants

  23. Isn't it common sense that inferno is fire… And u can't heal when fire is burning u?

  24. Inferno tower does 250 dps max, that's quite a bit of damage.. Not to mention single target lol

  25. This is turning out to be the best update ever. Everything that came out I agree with.

  26. I'm a casual player, nice to farm and push faster, but the thing is…Are the wars still skillbased?

  27. finally, easy hero upgrades.