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  1. i am buildsr hall 3

  2. The loot limit makes it so that people don't have to feel the need to cram as many hours of playing as they can. It evens the playing field. Plus the upgrading goes super quick.

  3. Boxer giant smashes building while song says "just another day in the hood". Classic

  4. Value list simple itxqqf judge European round formal hey.

  5. Tide pond pad kozughp frequency mix promise better matter recession contact.

  6. I FUCKING Hate THE LOOT BONUS I'M 1 fucking gold from geting to Builders base 3 FEEK!!!!!l!

  7. Hey guys if u want to join a starting clan, Join the "Raiders". Were pretty chilled so u might like us. But remember we just started out.????

  8. I saw an ad for this on another video and I thought it was one of those Clash of Clans ripoffs.

  9. guys y'all don't have to change troops in your home village u can change them during the battle

  10. New update for clash just plain sucks !!

  11. I gotta leave u riding SC dick WAY too hard in here

  12. ur awsome dude

  13. I'm kinda digging it. I can be the only one here, but I think it's kinde rad that you can't do everything at once. It gives you something to look forward to, but I agree that the loot limit really sucks omg. Keep it up Beaker! Really love your vidss!

  14. builder mexico lmao

  15. Can I join your clan

  16. Hi beaker lab your right this update so cool

  17. update STINKS i can't login because it says "downloading content" the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. same level as yoùuu

  19. the only problem i see aside from the loot cap is that this fun will end very very soon this base is short so yeah after maxing out it wont be the same

  20. what's with all the hate guys this update is awesome !!

  21. And they introduced coc rip off after hype wat a sad thing…!!