x144 OP MINER! – Clash of Clans – COOLEST NEW TROOP EVER! New Miner!

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  1. yeah dude mine does to.

  2. #TQCD You claim that supercell hates you dont you think supercell might not finds you as useful as other youtubers

  3. could lvl 1 do these

  4. CQOTD: Do you think the miner is to(oooo) overpowered? And should they nerf them?

  5. I can't buy gems so it will take forever to get the miner

  6. CQOTD: Do you think the skeleton spell/Clone spell should be added to clash royale

  7. why did he not practice on clan members first?

  8. Can you clone the king with the clone spell???

  9. Is it just me or is it time for a new intro?

  10. I need the miners! Time to update that crap!

  11. CQOTD:is the level 5 valkeri the best troop or level 4 miner

  12. nice

  13. I want the miner

  14. I think there too obey

  15. yap clash of clans was so mane crash it is eror in the updat.

  16. i dont have that shit

  17. I dare u to use the badest troop on the game and 3 star

  18. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's nerfed

  19. #mistic7miner

  20. Everyone is saying this is clickbait, but he never said x144 per attack. Learn to read before you try to say this is clickbait.

    Although the thumbnail is clickbait.

  21. extreme update

  22. golem and miners best team

  23. whats that song at 6:25? candyland?

  24. who has summer school

  25. To all those saying 'clickbait', are you really that stupid that you believe there are 144 miners in 1 army?

  26. Stop click baiting. Omg

  27. CQOTD: do you think instead of supercell nerfing the miners (cuz they're OP af) they could make some sort of defence that can only shoot underground, like the air defence only shooting air? just a thought <3

  28. CQOTD:will you be doing a all dark barracks and dark spell raid in a friendly battle

  29. Do a miner vs Valkyrie video

  30. My clash of clans crashes to

  31. miner is op

  32. What u thought they did would be way to op

  33. this troop was based on a Facebook game about 4-5 years ago called ''Backyard monsters'' , it has the exact same AI .

  34. nice


  36. 7:47 the queen was shooting the wall with on building left?

  37. Guys it's not clickbait, he did use 144 miners

  38. Wite don't say their op then supercell with nerd them. Say their under powered so they can get more op if not then stay the same

  39. The Over and Under Attack strat Miners & HOGS!!!
    ¬_¬ cmon msytic -_-

  40. CQOTD: Do you think supercell will add in a type of offensive ship in the water to use as a type of mortar? For example: you can fire off a mortar on a defensive object only a couple of times.

  41. bleeee xmmxkskdxd

  42. bleeee

  43. The new chat and wizard tower and the designing a base system are all gay af. But the update is self is cool other than my game crashes quite frequently.